Continuing Education Important Dates

Summer 2024

Date Milestone
March 11 Continuing Education Summer Enrollment Begins
May 13 CE Online Flexible Enrollment Begins
May 27 Memorial Day (University Closed)
May 28 Nontraditional Student Summer Scholarship Deadline
June 3 CE Full Session/Session 1/8-week Classes Begin
July 4 Independence Day (University Closed)
July 5 Session 1 CE Online Credit Courses End
July 9 Session 2 CE Online Credit Courses Begin
July 26 8-week CE Online Credit Courses End
July 26 Summer Fees Waiver Form Deadline
August 9 CE Full Session and Session 2 Classes End

Find dates and deadlines for main campus Summer Session classes.

Fall 2024

Date Milestone
April 1 Continuing Education Fall Enrollment Begins
August 19 ACCESS/Nondegree Registration Begins
August 26 CE Online Flexible Enrollment Begins
September 2 Labor Day Holiday (University Closed)
September 3 CE Full Session/Session 1 Classes Begin
September 8 Nontraditional Student Fall Scholarship Deadline
September 27 Fall Fees Waiver Form Deadline
September 30 CE 10-week Session Classes Begin
October 18 Session 1 CE Online Credit Courses & Session 1 CE Evening Credit Courses End
October 21 Session 2 CE Online Credit Courses & Session 2 CE Evening Credit Courses Begin
November 25-29 Fall Break (No Classes)
December 12 CE Full Session/10-week Session and Session 2 Classes End

Tuition Due Dates

Bills become available in Buff Portal (CUBill&Pay for authorized payers) by the second Thursday of each month after you register for classes. Payment is due on the 5th of the following month. Postmarks and post-dated checks are not honored. Dates may be subject to change without notice.

See the Bursar’s Office website for important dates.

Add, Drop and Withdrawal Info

Enrolled students must add or drop courses by the dates and deadlines listed in their program’s academic calendar. You may add, drop, or withdraw via Buff Portal or Class Search using the instructions outlined under Review Your Registration Actions. You may also submit an online withdrawal form or send an email to

If you drop a class after the no-penalty deadline, a W (withdrew) grade will post to your transcript. If you fail to drop by the deadline you may receive a grade of F and you may be liable for any tuition and fees.

Administrative Drop Policy

Continuing Education allows faculty to administratively drop students who don't attend and/or participate in class during the first two weeks. This is done to allow as many engaged students as possible a spot in the class while also protecting students from paying for a course they forgot to drop. If your instructor uses this policy, it will be stated in their syllabus, but students are encouraged to reach out to their instructors with any questions.

Grade Replacement Policy

You may be eligible for grade replacement if you are a degree-seeking or non-degree student at CU Boulder who earned a C- or lower (undergrads), or a C+ or lower (grad students) in your most recent prior attempt of a course (W grades don’t count). Grade replacement is applied automatically at the end of each term for eligible courses and students. Law students are not eligible for grade replacement. Learn more about CU Boulder’s grade replacement policy.

If you have questions about the policy, contact our advisors at or schedule an appointment.