Earn Credit

The options you need to reach your goals, whether that means getting ahead, staying on track or catching up.

CE Evening Credit

Advance your degree without taking time away from your busy day. 

CE Online Credit

Earn credit and enjoy a dynamic learning experience through online courses.

Summer Session

Choose from more than 500 courses to earn the credit you need to advance your degree during the summer. 

Winter Session

Earn credit online from CU Boulder's top faculty during an intensive, three-week session over winter break.

CU Complete

Take the courses you need to finish your CU Boulder degree.

Finish What You Started

Gain the financial, academic and career support you need to get back to school and earn your degree.

High School ACCESS

Earn college credit at CU Boulder while in high school.


Enroll in CU Boulder courses for personal or professional development without the commitment of a degree program.

Applied Music

Engage in private music lessons and earn CU Boulder credit.

Advance Your Career

Programs to level up your skills, stay current with industry innovation or expand your prospects.

Post-Baccalaureate Health Professions

Take the prerequisite courses you need for professional school to pursue a career in health care.

CU Boulder Online

Pursue your academic and professional aspirations through a diverse portfolio of online certificates and degrees.


Advance your career or enrich your personal interests through a new area of study.

International English Center

Explore English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for international students, professionals and community members.

Pursue an Interest

Pursue your curiosity with unique access to the depth of your local, world-class university.


Explore your interests and expand your knowledge by taking CU Boulder courses for no credit.

Office for Public and Community-Engaged Scholarship

Connect with university faculty, staff and students through community engagement outreach programs and initiatives.

Science Discovery

Explore experiential science outreach programs for youth, teachers and families.