High School students interested in the challenge of college courses can enroll in CU Boulder courses.

Enroll in Courses at CU Boulder as a High School Student

The High School ACCESS program is designed for high school students interested in the challenge of completing college courses at the University of Colorado Boulder. High School ACCESS students earn college credit that becomes part of their permanent academic record and appears on a University of Colorado transcript. Some high schools allow college credit to be applied to high school graduation requirements. Check with your high school counselor to see if this is an option for you.

High school students are not admitted into a formal CU Boulder degree program and are classified as non-degree undergraduate students for the purpose of enrollment. Students have the option to enroll in main campus CU Boulder courses on a space-available basis. Students also have the option to enroll into Continuing Education courses, which have an earlier enrollment period. You can work closely with our CE High School ACCESS advisor for prerequisite approvals to enroll into either main campus or CE courses. 

Time Commitment

You will need to coordinate your high school schedule with CU Boulder courses. High school students will typically need two free periods to take a daytime course at CU Boulder.