Make significant progress toward your degree, experiment with returning to college or supplement your main campus course load with evening courses.

CE Evening Credit Format

CE Evening Credit courses give you more learning options during the fall and spring semesters. CE evening credits are just like those awarded on main campus. Grades count toward your GPA and your transcript doesn’t distinguish between evening and daytime courses. 

Evening credit classes are taught in a variety of instruction modes and learning formats: 

  • Some of our courses are taught in a traditional in-person classroom setting with one or two on-campus classroom sessions taking place each week.
  • Other courses are taught in a hybrid in-person/online format that includes a short on-campus, in-person session that lasts one to two hours. The remainder of the coursework for the week is offered online. 
  • The final instruction mode for CE Evening Credit courses is known as a hybrid remote/online format. These classes will have one scheduled live session each week that will take place on Zoom. These sessions will also be between one and two hours long. The remainder of the coursework for the week will be offered online.

Please read the course description carefully to determine how your course will be taught. Most CE Evening Credit courses require consistent and dependable Internet access.

If you are interested in taking courses during the summer, please visit the Summer Session website to learn more.