How Continuing Education Supports Degree-Seeking Students

Continuing Education offers a number of flexible course options for students enrolled in degree programs at CU Boulder. Our academic advisors are happy to assist degree-seeking students from all schools and colleges. If you have questions about enrolling in CE Evening Credit, CE Online Credit, or Applied Music courses, we can assist you with course selection, understanding the different class formats offered by Continuing Education, and how the credits apply toward your CU Boulder degree. Continuing Education advisors typically have same or next-day availability, so scheduling an appointment is quick and easy.

Earn CU Boulder Credit Through Continuing Education

Continuing Education offers CE Evening CreditCE Online Credit, and Applied Music classes for college credit. Students choose to enroll in CE classes when they need flexibility in their schedules or when they are suspended from main campus.

Continuing Education classes count for credit the same way main campus classes do. Our classes automatically appear on your degree audit, calculate into your CU Boulder GPA, and appear on your transcript like any other class. You don’t need to take additional action to transfer these credits to your CU degree.

Application and Enrollment Process

Degree-Seeking Students

If you are an active degree-seeking student (i.e. you have been admitted to a degree program at CU Boulder), you do not need to take additional action to apply. If you can enroll yourself in a main campus course, you can enroll yourself in a Continuing Education course. Simply enroll in courses by logging into Buff Portal or using the CU Boulder Class Search. In the class search under “Campus Options,” select “Boulder Continuing Education” to view all available Continuing Education offerings. Classes change each semester.

Suspended Students

If you are on suspension and would like to enroll in Continuing Education courses, we strongly encourage you to speak with an academic advisor. When you are ready to enroll in courses you will need to submit the Course Request Form as your suspension hold will prevent you from enrolling through your Buff Portal account.

Returning CU Boulder Students

If you have not enrolled in CU Boulder courses in the past 12 months, your student record may be discontinued. Complete the free Continuing Education Application in the How to Apply section so that we can reactivate your record before you enroll in CE Evening Credit or CE Online Credit courses. If you plan to take daytime, on-campus courses, please complete the readmission application through the Office of Admissions.

Cost of Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education tuition rates are billed separate from, and in addition to, any tuition you may be paying to main campus. The rates vary depending on the types of classes you take, how your residency data is classified, and whether you are simultaneously enrolled in main campus classes. To better understand how to plan for your Continuing Education tuition, schedule an appointment with a Continuing Education advisor.

CU Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance during their time at CU Boulder. Some students may be automatically enrolled in the Student Gold Health Insurance Plan, and additional student fees will be assessed.

Fall and Spring Semesters

During the fall and spring semesters students are automatically enrolled in the CU health insurance plan if they are:

  • a degree-seeking student,
  • enrolled in at least one Continuing Education course, and
  • enrolled in 6 or more credits as an undergraduate or enrolled in 1 or more credits as a graduate student.

Summer Session

Students enrolled in the CU health insurance plan during the spring semester are covered through the summer.

New summer students are not automatically enrolled in the CU health insurance plan but have the opportunity to purchase coverage at the Wardenburg Health Center by July 1. Payment is due at enrollment.