High School ACCESS Fall & Spring Scholarships

Scholarship Details

  • The maximum award will cover the tuition cost of one course, up to $2,500, with award amounts depending on a student’s credits.
  • High School ACCESS students with financial need will be eligible to receive the scholarship more than once, contingent on available funding.
  • Scholarships offered through CE are classified as general fund and are therefore compatible with VA benefits.


  • Nondegree High School ACCESS students at CU Boulder who are not formally admitted to a degree program.
  • Must be enrolled in courses for credit offered through main campus, CE Evening Credit, and/or CE Online Credit.
  • Must attest and provide documentation of financial need.

Students receiving CU’s Tuition Assistance Benefit are not eligible.

Financial Need

This scholarship is intended to benefit high school students who require financial assistance in order to take courses at CU Boulder. Students may demonstrate financial need in a variety of ways.

For help understanding and obtaining the types of documentation listed below, speak with a parent/guardian or contact a school counselor and/or trusted teacher.

Accepted documentation types:

  • A letter from a school counselor, teacher or other school personnel;
  • A letter from another organization your family is working with to secure resources;
  • Any other documentation confirming financial need such as participation in:
    • A free/reduced lunch plan, Boulder Valley School District’s Adelante program, McKinney-Vento support, Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), Supplemental Security Income Federal Pell Grants or Subsidized Student Loans (either an older sibling or yourself, if you are a high school senior)

Any documentation that is submitted will be used to determine your scholarship eligibility only and will be stored in a secure database. Only the Continuing Education Scholarship Committee Chair will access the protected information.

Scholarship Essay

In addition to submitting proof of financial need, students must also answer the personal essay question listed below and submit it in the online portal along with their complete application.

Please tell us more about your interest in the subject(s) you wish to study at CU Boulder. We would like to know:

  1. What makes you passionate about this subject?
  2. Do you have any special goals that you hope to achieve through your class(es) this semester?
  3. What is the #1 reason that you want to attend CU Boulder?

Scholarship essays will be rated based on the following elements:

  • (4 points) Content: The essay fully addresses all portions of the prompt and has a central point that is interesting, original, substantial, and maybe even striking. The author uses concrete details to “show” rather than merely “tell” their story.
  • (3 points) Readability/Organization: The central idea is developed in the essay through well-chosen and appropriate language. The essay is organized and well-structured. There is a beginning, a body, and a conclusion and transitions help the paper flow smoothly. Introductory statements are interesting and appropriate. Concluding statements are satisfying.
  • (2 points) Tone: The essay is written in the authentic voice of the writer. It is compelling and interesting. The tone is consistent and shows effort/thought was put in.
  • (1 point) Grammar/Standard Language Use: Author has given thought to form, grammar, and structure and is writing at a college level of English.

The fall 2024 application deadline is September 8, 2024.

Apply Now

If you have questions or additional information, please email us at hsaccess@colorado.edu. We are happy to help.

Now that you’ve selected your favorite Continuing Education courses, email or print the information, including class number, to more easily search Buff Portal and enroll. Still have questions? Contact an advisor.


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