Auditor Restrictions

Current degree students receive enrollment priority. Auditors will only be added to open courses. Auditors will not be enrolled in closed or waitlisted courses regardless of instructor permission. Course enrollment numbers can change rapidly at the beginning of the term; your requested classes will need to be open at the time of auditor enrollment. Auditors are limited to 21 credit hours’ worth of course enrollment each term.

An auditor may not switch from being an auditor to enrolling in a course for credit within the same semester. Community members interested in learning more about taking courses for credit can visit the ACCESS program page or contact an academic advisor.

Participants in the Auditors Program must be over the age of 18 and not be registered as either a degree-seeking or nondegree student at CU Boulder. Auditors are not considered students and do not receive the same privileges as enrolled or nondegree students. Registered auditors receive class instruction, access to the online learning management system, and library privileges only. Acceptance to the University of Colorado Boulder as an auditor does not guarantee eligibility for regular degree or nondegree status.

Admitted students, either enrolled or suspended, may not attend courses as an auditor. If an admitted degree student is interested in participating in a class without receiving credit, the student must enroll in the course for no credit and select that as their grading option. Courses taken for no credit are assessed the same tuition rate as courses taken for credit.

The following classes are not available to auditors:

  • Any class that is at its enrollment capacity (closed) or has a waitlist
  • LAB and REC (recitation) sections of classes, including MLS (main lab section) standalone classes

Please note that many faculty members do not allow auditors to enroll in participatory courses such as dance, painting, ceramics, computer, theater, photography, studio film, performance music courses, etc.

Department-specific restricted courses:

  • All Computer Science Post-Bacc (CSPB Courses)
  • All law courses and seminars (LAWS 5000-9000)
  • BUSM, BCOR, and all graduate-level Business courses (ACCT, BADM, MBAC, MBAX, MSBC and MSBX)
  • Cinema Studies studio courses and CINE/FILM 2000 – Foundations 1, CINE 2300, CINE 2500, CINE 3013, CINE 3081, CINE 3400, CINE 3515, CINE 3525, and CINE 4500
  • Continuing Education Applied Music courses PMUS and MUEL, all sections
  • Continuing Education Extraordinary courses (sections 7XX)
  • Continuing Education Online Flex course sections (64X)
  • ECON 4797
  • The following foreign language courses: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Hindi
    • NOTE: Community members may access language courses through the Anderson Language and Technology Center (ALTEC)
  • Graduate-level library courses
  • HIST 1800, any HIST 3000 level course, and any History graduate course (HIST 5000 or above)
  • Honors Program courses
  • HUMN 4135 and HUMN 4011
  • IAFS 4500 (all sections), IAFS 4800, and IAFS 4930
    • NOTE: Auditors must receive faculty and departmental permission prior to enrolling in any IAFS 3000-level course, including special topics for the IAFS 3000 section

Contact us for more information at or 303-492-5148.

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