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Auditors at CU Boulder

We are delighted you are interested in joining the CU Boulder community as an auditor. Auditing allows you the opportunity to attend university classes for no academic credit. Listen to lectures given by our world-class faculty and get more involved with the campus.

Community members aged 18 and older, who are not registered students but wish to listen in on regularly scheduled lectures, are eligible to audit courses during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Please note that the University’s primary commitment is to degree-seeking and credit-seeking students. Auditors’ course requests will be processed after these groups have registered.

Senior Auditors and Community Auditors Program Updates

The Senior Auditors program, formerly offered by the CU Boulder Alumni Association, along with the Community Auditors program previously offered by Continuing Education, have been incorporated into the new Continuing Education Auditors program. Please refer to the Auditors enrollment page for information on how to register for courses and current auditor restrictions.

The online Auditor Application and Instructor Permission Form for the Fall 2022 semester are now closed. The Spring 2023 application will be available on January 3, 2023. You must submit your application form online starting January 3, but you must also obtain and submit instructor permission once classes begin to complete the course registration process.

The Instructor Permission form may be printed out and returned in person or submitted online. Submit your Instructor Permission form early, before the course enrollment period starts, to avoid processing delays.

Vaccination Requirements for Nondegree Students and Auditors

All nondegree students and auditors residing in the state of Colorado must meet the campus vaccination requirements. In support of the university’s commitment to health and safety, CU Boulder will require nondegree students and auditors to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This includes the COVID-19 vaccination and booster(s).

Nondegree students and auditors born on or after January 1, 1957 must submit proof of two (2) doses each of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination. If you have previously submitted these during an earlier term, you do NOT need to resubmit.

Learn more about the vaccination requirements and submission for nondegree students and auditors on the Health & Wellness Requirements Page. NOTE: The deadline for nondegree students and auditors to complete the vaccination requirements has been extended to February 13, 2023. Please disregard the August 1, 2022 deadline.

If you have questions about these requirements, please contact us at

Auditor Etiquette

Please remember that you are a guest in the class and should not participate in labs, testing, discussion groups, or presentations as these are activities for degree-seeking students.

Also keep in mind:

  • If you wish to complete assignments, verify the instructor has time to grade them (no academic credit is available).
  • Arrive to class on time.
  • Please stay until the end of the class.
  • Remember that faculty reserve the right to exclude individual courses from the Auditors Program.
  • If you are enrolled in an asynchronous Online Credit course, please do not use the Thinking Storm Tutoring tab within Canvas.

Auditor Benefit Restrictions and Access to Buff OneCard

Auditors are restricted from accessing student benefits such as an RTD bus pass, a CU Boulder Rec Center membership, and access to computers on campus.

Auditors can request a Visitor/Guest Buff OneCard to use as a student ID, to check out books from the library, add campus cash to print documents and buy food at locations on campus, as well as purchase a daily punch pass as a “Student Affiliate” at the CU Boulder Rec Center. To learn more, visit the Buff OneCard website or contact the office directly at 303-492-0355 or Auditors will need to fill out a form, include a photo ID, date of birth and pay the current rate for the card.

Applying and Enrolling as an Auditor

The following course instruction modes are available to auditors:

  • Boulder Main Campus: in-person or hybrid in-person/online-remote
  • Continuing Education Campus: CE Online Credit term-based classes and CE Evening Credit classes (in-person, hybrid remote/online, hybrid in-person/online-remote)

Find a Class to Audit

  1. Review the restricted courses
  2. Use the CU Boulder Class Search site to see open courses that are not closed or waitlisted
  3. Narrow your search by changing the filters on that page, including Campus, Subject, and Instruction Mode, and update the semester, if needed


To apply as an auditor, submit the Auditor Application Form (available for spring 2023 on January 3, 2023). Submit this form online early, before the course enrollment period starts, to avoid processing delays. After your application form is processed, you will receive email confirmation that includes your CU Boulder student ID number and further enrollment instructions.

Obtain Instructor Permission to Audit

Auditors must be formally included in the roster for the class(es) they will attend. Starting the first week of classes, you must obtain instructor approval and submit a completed Auditor Instructor Permission form (available for spring 2023 on January 3, 2023). You may either request permission from the instructor by email or print out the permission form to take to class. You will then submit your form online or in-person to Continuing Education (1505 University Avenue).

Online Permission to Audit

Locate the instructor’s name from your desired course on the CU Boulder Class Search. Their email might be hyperlinked under ‘Instructor Info.’ If not, copy their name. Then, go to Click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner and paste/type the instructor’s name. Their email is on the right side under CU People Search. Right-click on their email, copy and paste into your email browser. Send an email to the instructor introducing yourself and expressing your interest in auditing their course. If they reply with permission for you to audit, save that email thread, including the reply with the date, instructor email address and course name, as a PDF or Word document and upload it to the Auditor Instructor Permission form before submitting it online.

In-person Permission to Audit (Printed Form)

Open the Auditor Instructor Permission form (available for spring 2023 on January 3, 2023) and select the “I will print the form” option. Print it and bring it with you to class to obtain written permission from the instructor to audit. Return the completed paper version of the form with instructor signature(s) in person to Continuing Education at 1505 University Avenue, by fax at 303- 492-5335, or by mail to the following address:

CE Auditors Program
178 UCB
Boulder CO 80309-0178

If you have questions about these steps, please contact our Enrollment Services team at

Music Courses

Auditors seeking permission to attend music classes with the prefix MUEL, MUSC, or EMUS must obtain permission from the College of Music Dean’s Office along with instructor permission. For undergraduate-level courses, please contact Victoria Ibarra at For graduate-level courses, please contact Chris Martin at

No English Language Requirement

There is no English language requirement for auditors. Auditors are not seeking credit and are not held to the same standards as credit-seeking students.

Auditor Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2023

The Spring 2023 Auditor Application Form and Instructor Permission form will be available January 3, 2023.

Auditors may attend classes during the first two weeks of the session to ask professors for permission to audit the course and to complete the Auditor Instructor Permission form. The complete form should be submitted to Continuing Education either online or in person (1505 University Avenue).

Enrollment Processing Dates

While you may attend an eligible course starting the first day of class, our staff starts processing enrollments the day after the course’s session add deadline for credit-seeking students.

The Continuing Education Enrollment Services team will begin auditor enrollment on the following dates for spring 2023 courses:

  • January 26: Main campus and Online Credit Session 1
  • February 1: Online Credit Full Session and Evening Credit Full Session
  • February 25: Online Credit 10-week Session and Evening Credit 10-week Session
  • March 16: Online Credit Session 2

Enrollment requests are processed in the order in which they were received and your requested classes will need to be open at the time of auditor enrollment. Due to high demand, the enrollment process takes several days to complete. Please be patient. You will receive a confirmation email once your enrollment is processed.

Auditor Costs

  • Auditors under the age of 55 pay a flat rate of $250.00 per term.
  • Auditors aged 55 and older pay a flat rate of $80 per term (for CU Boulder alumni), and a flat rate of $95 per term (for non-alumni). If you are also retired CU faculty, please contact to let us know after you submit your application.

Typically, there are no additional course fees except for when an instructor requires “Day 1 Digital Access” to online course materials. The fee for access to these online course materials is charged by the University Bookstore to all students in the class including auditors. For information about this fee and how to opt-out, visit the University Bookstore’s Day 1 Digital Access website.

Bills become available in Buff Portal (CUBill&Pay for authorized payers) by the second Thursday of each month after you are enrolled in a class. Payment is due on the 5th of the following month. Postmarks and post-dated checks are not honored. Dates may be subject to change without notice.

You can pay for your course after you receive your enrollment confirmation email. There are two ways to make a payment:

  • Pay online*. You can access online payments via Buff Portal via the Tuition & Fees card. Click on Balance Summary, then View/Pay Bill, which will direct you to CU Bill&Pay, the university’s secure online billing and payment system.
  • Pay in person at the Continuing Education building (1505 University Avenue) with credit card*, check or cash.

*You will be assessed a nonrefundable 2.85% service fee for credit card payments.

There is no refund and no opportunity to petition for a refund. Additionally, auditors are not eligible for financial aid, scholarships, or payment plans.

Contact the CE Accounting team at 303-492-2212 if you have any questions regarding auditor fees and payments.

Auditor Restrictions

Current degree students receive enrollment priority. Auditors will only be added to open courses. Auditors will not be enrolled in closed or waitlisted courses regardless of instructor permission. Course enrollment numbers can change rapidly at the beginning of the term; your requested classes will need to be open at the time of auditor enrollment. Auditors are limited to 21 credit hours’ worth of course enrollment each term.

An auditor may not switch from being an auditor to enrolling in a course for credit within the same semester. Community members interested in learning more about taking courses for credit can visit the ACCESS program page or contact an academic advisor.

Participants in the Auditors Program must be over the age of 18 and not be registered as either a degree-seeking or nondegree student at CU Boulder. Auditors are not considered students and do not receive the same privileges as enrolled or nondegree students. Registered auditors receive class instruction, access to the online learning management system, and library privileges only. Acceptance to the University of Colorado Boulder as an auditor does not guarantee eligibility for regular degree or nondegree status.

Admitted students, either enrolled or suspended, may not attend courses as an auditor. If an admitted degree student is interested in participating in a class without receiving credit, the student must enroll in the course for no credit and select that as their grading option. Courses taken for no credit are assessed the same tuition rate as courses taken for credit.

The following classes are not available to auditors:

  • Any class that is at its enrollment capacity (closed) or has a waitlist
  • LAB and REC (recitation) sections of classes, including MLS (main lab section) standalone classes
  • Participatory courses (dance, painting, ceramics, computer, theater, photography, studio film, performance music courses, etc.)

Department-specific restricted courses:

  • All Computer Science Post-Bacc (CSPB Courses)
  • All law courses and seminars (LAWS 5000-9000)
  • BUSM, BCOR, and all graduate-level Business courses (ACCT, BADM, MBAC, MBAX, MSBC and MSBX)
  • Cinema Studies studio courses and CINE/FILM 2000 – Foundations 1, CINE 2300, CINE 2500, CINE 3013, CINE 3081, CINE 3400, CINE 3515, CINE 3525, and CINE 4500
  • College of Music PMUS courses
  • Continuing Education Applied Music courses PMUS and MUEL, all sections
  • Continuing Education Extraordinary courses (sections 7XX)
  • Continuing Education Online Flex course sections (64X)
  • ECON 4797
  • The following foreign language courses: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Hindi
    • NOTE: Community members may access language courses through the Anderson Language and Technology Center (ALTEC)
  • Graduate-level library courses
  • HIST 1800, any HIST 3000 level course, and any History graduate course (HIST 5000 or above)
  • Honors Program courses
  • HUMN 4135 and HUMN 4011
  • IAFS 4500 (all sections), IAFS 4800, and IAFS 4930
    • NOTE: Auditors must receive faculty and departmental permission prior to enrolling in any IAFS 3000-level course, including special topics for the IAFS 3000 section

Contact us for more information at or 303-492-5148.

Auditor Transcripts

There is no credit for audited courses nor are auditors eligible to petition for credit at any time.

Auditors can view and print an unofficial copy of their transcript through Buff Portal, the campus student portal, or request a hard copy through the Office of the Registrar.

Au pairs enrolled through the Auditor program may obtain letters of enrollment verification by contacting at the end of the semester.

Note: To view an unofficial transcript of audited courses in Buff Portal, search for the transcript card and be sure to change from “All CU Careers” to “Noncredit Career.”

Buff Portal and IdentiKey

Buff Portal is CU Boulder’s online campus portal. It gives you access to view your course enrollment, online course materials in Canvas, book lists, campus announcements, pay your bill and more.

You’ll need an IdentiKey, or a unique username, to log in to and access Buff Portal. Use your student ID number to activate your IdentiKey.

If you have questions, contact us at or 303-492-5148.

Now that you’ve selected your favorite Continuing Education courses, email or print the information, including class number, to more easily search Buff Portal and enroll. Still have questions? Contact an advisor.


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