PSYC 2606 Social Psychology

Instructor Contact:

Diane Sasnett-Martichuski, Ph.D.

About the Course:

PSYC 2606, Social Psychology, covers general psychological principles underlying social behavior. It includes analyses of major social psychological theories, methods, and topics, including attitudes, conformity, aggression, attraction, social perception, helping behavior, and group relations. Course Prerequisites: Requires a prerequisite course of PSYC 1001 (minimum grade C-).

Your course content is delivered online. The main course material, which is availableon the Canvas learning platform, comprises short video introductions to the chapters, lecture slides to accompany the chapter reading, and learning objectives. Each chapter has a discussion and a quiz or exam. In addition to these, there are two assignments that you need to complete for the class.

Required Texts:

Aronson, E., Wilson, T.D., Sommers, S. R., Page-Gould, E., & Lewis Jr., N. (2023). Social Psychology (11th ed.). New York: Pearson. ISBN: 0-13-763364-5.

Grading (out of 620 points):

Discussions (10 points each)                                                                       120

Quizzes (10 points each)                                                                              100

Two outside of class assignments (worth 50 points each)                              100

3 exams (100 points each)                                                                          300

TOTAL                                                                                                         620

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