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PSYC 2111 Psychological Science I: Statistics


Dr. Diane Sasnett-Martichuski



Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic statistical measures, including descriptive measures of central tendency, variability, and frequency and probability, and inferential measures of t-tests, analyses of variance, correlation, linear regression, and chi-square.  Students will also learn to use statistical software using the R program (it is free).

Your course content is delivered online. The main course material, which is available on D2L, comprises lecture documents (lectures in written form with screen shots of my power point slides), weekly homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. You are also required to participate in online discussions. In order to successfully complete this term-based course, you must keep up with the reading and all assignments in order to participate in online discussions and do well on quizzes and exams. This is not a self-paced course. All assignments, including discussion postings and homework assignments, have specific deadlines and must be completed in order. If you have any questions about the reading or assignments, please contact me, Diane Sasnett-Martichuski, at If you have questions about administrative policies, registration or dropping, or graduation or transcript deadlines, please contact the Continuing Education Program office at

There is usually an on-site lab component to this course. Students will still do the work that is associated with the lab, but will do the work with tutorials online. One large component is learning the R software. I will give you instructions for how to download this free software, and you will do several assignments where you have to generate printouts of datasets from the computer, and then interpret the printouts from what you have learned with the lecture documents.


  • Gravetter, F.J. and Wallnau, L.B. (2014). Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences. 8th Ed.Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. ISBN: 9781305617742*

*This ISBN also includes an access card for their online Mindtap system, which is a requirement too.


A course grade will be assigned to each student according to the student’s percentage of the total course points (700). Grades are assigned according to University standards (i.e., 93-100 = A, 90-92 = A-, 87-89 = B+, 83-86 = B, 80-82 = B-, etc.).

4 tests (3×100+1×200):          500 pts
Participation in discussions:    50 pts
Quizzes:                                  50 pts
Homework assignments:      100 pts
Total:                                 700 pts

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