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GREK 1013 Beginning Classical Greek 1


Tyler Denton


For students with no previous knowledge of ancient Greek. Introduces basic grammar and vocabulary.


  • Explain and demonstrate a basic understanding of the grammatical structure of the Greek language.
  • Read and recognize basic ancient Greek vocabulary.
  • Appreciate ancient Greek culture, literature, and history as learned through study of the language.
  • Read aloud, write, and translate simple paragraphs in ancient Greek.


Anne H. Groton, From Alpha to Omega: A Beginning Course in Classical Greek, Fourth Edition, Focus Publishing, 2012.

Students are strongly encouraged to purchase the Fourth Edition of From Alpha to Omega, as we will be referring to exercises and page numbers contained in the newest edition. The Fourth edition is also available as an e-book, if students prefer this format.

Recommended Texts:
From Alpha to Omega: Ancillary Exercises, Jon Bruss, Focus Publishing, 2001.

– Extra practice exercises for the student, along with a helpful answer key.

Greek Paradigm Handbook: Reference Guide and Memorization Tool. Focus Publishing, 2008.

– A handy pocket guide of Greek forms, with charts and tables for easy reference


  • Daily Quizzes (18 out of 25): 25%
  • Weekly tests (4): 30%
  • Assignments: 15%
  • Participation: 15%
  • Final Exam: 15%

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