ECON 4818 Introduction to Econometrics

Instructor Contact:

Joe Craig, PhD


About the Course:

This course provides an introduction to the theory and applications of modern econometrics. This course begins by reviewing and extending the statistical material covered in Econ 3818. Following this, students are guided through the principals of regression analysis starting with the simple regression model. Issues in relation to estimation, inference and specification will be explored.

Course Prerequisites:

Requires prerequisite courses of ECON 3070 (Intermediate Microeconomic Theory) and ECON 3818 (Introduction to Statistics with Computer Applications) or STAT 4520 or APPM 4570 or CHEN 3010 or CSCI 3022 or CVEN 3227 or MATH 4520 (all minimum grade C-).


This course requires proctored examinations. Exams are proctored which will require planning on your part. Proctors are individuals who administer the exam process following the guidelines provided by the University of Colorado Boulder to ensure academic integrity. Some proctoring options require the student to pay a fee.


By the end of the course you should be able to:

  •  Explain the assumptions of the simple linear regression model
  • Conduct econometric analysis of the simple linear regression model using statistical packages
  • Explain the assumptions of the multiple linear regression model
  • Conduct econometric analysis of the multiple linear regression model using statistical packages
  • Make and test inferences using the simple and multiple linear regression model
  • Discuss heteroskedasticity and explain how to correct for it
  • Apply hypothesis testing to qualitative data
  • Formulate a novel but straightforward question and test it using real world data
  • Communicate the results of econometric analysis in a clear and professional way

Required Texts:

Introductory Econometrics: A modern approach, 7th Edition with Mindtap, by Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, Cengage Publishing, ISBN 978-1-337-55886-0. Students are required to have access to MIndtap (which includes an eBook) at a minimum and can optionally choose to purchase a paper text. Mindtap is where you will read your textbook and complete some graded assignments. You will access Mindtap through our course website, Canvas


Assignment* Points per Assignment Frequency GRADE POINTS GRADE PERCENTAGE
Computer exercises   10 16 160   16%
Discussion Postings   45   2   90     9%
Homework   30 10 300   30%
Mini Project 100   1 100   10%
Proctored Midterm Exam 150   1 150   15%
Proctored Cumulative Final Exam 200   1 200   20%
TOTAL     1000 100%



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