COMM 3320 Persuasion in Society

Instructor Contact:

Name: Tajshen Campbell, Ph.D.


About the Course:

This course is designed from a Master Template

Course Prerequisites: COMM 1210 and COMM 1600

Your video will begin shortly… Pop-up ads, disinformation campaigns, hashtags and brand ambassadors. As citizens and consumers, we are bombarded by persuasive messages in our increasingly social-mediated society. This course will focus on how persuasion operates in our everyday lives, and how it implicates our identities, relationships, politics, purchases and our work. This class will empower you to critique how persuasion permeates your own lives, while giving you an opportunity to practice and apply the communication skills frequently sought after in professional and organizational contexts.


Course Objectives

  1. Identify cultural and political persuasion
  2. Examine the range of advertising and disinformation tactics
  3. Construct persuasive strategies for personal and professional contexts
  4. Analyze personal communication practices and habits
  5. Critique the culture of consumption
  6. Create original content that showcases your writing and design skills

Required Texts:

  • Textbook: Mara Einstein, Black Ops Advertising(New York and London: OR Books, 2016) ISBN: 978-1-68219-042-3
  • Additional Media
  • Supplemental Readings

Grading (out of n points):

  • Out of 500
    • Discussion & Prep Work (150 pts.)
    • Media Responses (150 pts.)
    • Op-Ed (50 pts.)
    • Brand Analysis (50 pts.)
    • Creative Campaign (75 pts.)
    • Collaboration & Participation (25 pts.)


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