August 23, 2021

Struggling With Papers and Projects?

The Online Composition Hub can help

Write. Delete. Write. Delete. Stare at a blank page as the minutes go by.

If this situation sounds familiar, you know firsthand how frustrating the creative process can be. But with the help of the Online Composition Hub, an online space where Continuing Education students can get support with their work, you can take the stress out of your assignments.

The Online Composition Hub tutors can help with traditional papers or projects that involve web design, video, blogging, Prezi, PowerPoint, etc. and you see them at any stage of the composing process from brainstorming ideas to drafting, revising, and polishing. You can even get assistance with professional materials such as resumes, cover letters, applications, and research projects.

With dedicated support and a wide range of services offered, the Online Composition Hub is the first stop for students who want to get ahead.

This utility and practicality is what CU alumna Amanda Brown found when she regularly visited the Online Composition Hub throughout her undergraduate career.

“I decided to keep going [to the Online Composition Hub] because it really helped me expand my writing skills,” said Amanda.

If you are enrolled in a Continuing Education course, you can take advantage of the Online Composition Hub’s services by scheduling either a synchronous or an asynchronous appointment.

  • Synchronous Appointments
    Synchronous sessions are real-time appointments where you meet with your tutor at the specific time of your appointment. You can work with your tutor over Zoom or using only the chat feature on Google Docs if you would prefer not to use video/audio.
    You will meet your tutor in Google Docs and Zoom and work on your paper at the same time. This experience is similar in some ways to an in-person tutoring session as you will be interacting live with your tutor.
  • Asynchronous Appointments
    Asynchronous sessions are not conducted in real-time, and you will only communicate with your tutor over email or in the comment feature of Google Docs.
    Within 24 hours of the start of your appointment time, your tutor will provide feedback to you on Google Docs/Google Drive and will email you to let you know that you have feedback. If your tutor was not able to get through the entire paper within the allotted time, you will need to make another appointment.

While students are encouraged to use the appointment type that is most convenient and comfortable for them, Amanda and others have used a hybrid approach to receiving advice and feedback.

“What worked best [for me] was when the tutors would read the whole paper asynchronously on Google Docs, making comments on the side, and then later, synchronously, letting me ask questions about them,” said Amanda.

Regardless of the method you choose, Online Composition Hub tutors will guide you and provide mini-lessons and explanations to help meet your needs. While the Online Composition Hub does not edit your work for you, your active participation in each advising session enables you to learn new strategies to convey what you are truly trying to say.

If you’re ready to own your voice and take your projects and papers to the next level like Amanda, schedule an appointment with the Online Composition Hub today.

Student and edited paper

Amanda Brown, left, and a Google document that Amanda got feedback on, right.

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