This is Your Moment

Need help balancing a semester abroad, all your extra curricular activities, or work during school? CE gives you the options and flexibility to accomplish your goals on your terms.


That moment when you have to

Balance Academics
with Work

For many students, managing a schedule that includes both school and work is just a fact of life. And, while the competing demands may seem impossible, achieving your academic goals while working is all about finding the right options. Here’s how:


Don't be discouraged

You’re not alone. Many students balance work and school — you can too.


Define your needs

  • What's your work schedule?
  • What's non-negotiable for you?

Meet With A
CE Advisor

  • Define what you need to earn your degree
  • Use online and evening courses for flexibility
  • Find financial aid opportunities to help

Get to

  • Make sure you're comfortable working online
  • Set realistic goals for your work and life obligations
  • Stay ahead of deadlines
  • Regularly check in with your CE advisor

Build on Your Success

Get career advice to enhance your transition from student to professional

Continue to meet with CE advisors

That moment when

You need flexible course options

Whether you are still on a waitlist, find you’re below credit minimums, or have additional bandwidth, sometimes you need a little flexibility outside regular registration periods. Luckily, the course options through CE can help you make the most of this moment. Here’s how:


Don’t Panic.

  • You have options to make the most of your moment
  • If you’re waitlisted or below credit minimums, we can help

Define Your

  • Do you need a required class to progress in your studies?
  • Are you replacing a course that didn't fit?
  • Are you adding a course to make the most of your time?

Meet with a
CE Advisor

  • Tailor your schedule to your needs
  • Align your courses with your degree requirements
  • Select course formats that work for you - either evening or online

Get to Work

  • Be fully engaged
  • Stay ahead of deadlines
  • Plan your next steps
Continue to meet with CE advisors

That moment when an

Opportunity is too Good to Pass Up

An internship or study abroad can be one of the most impactful moments of your college journey. But when these opportunities knock, they often come with a few challenges too. We’ve got the tools to help you stay on track while you expand your horizons. Here’s how:


Get excited - and get ready

No matter what your circumstances, you have options to make your opportunity work

Meet With A
CE Advisor

  • Outline your expectations
  • Define what you need to stay on track
  • Make a plan that works for you

Make the most of your moment

Maximize your opportunity and focus on making the experience as rich as possible

Reintegrate and

  • Connect with your CE advisor to make sure you're on track
  • Look for options to build on your experience
  • Plan your next steps
Continue to meet with CE advisors

That moment when you're having

Academic Difficulty

Nobody’s college plan includes struggling with their academic performance. But if you find you need help, the first thing to know is you’re not alone. The good news is you have the power to get on track and complete your degree at CU. We can help. Here’s how:


Don’t Panic.
Don’t Give up.

You were admitted because the University believes in your ability to successfully graduate


Take A Step Back

  • Define your goals and where you want to go
  • Recognize factors and barriers that have played a role in your performance

Meet With A
CE Advisor

  • Is your major the right fit?
  • Figure out the right courses and course load
  • Identify barriers that are still in place

Make a

  • Align your major and courses with your goals
  • Map your path to good academic standing
  • Connect to resources that can help you

Get to Work

  • Focus on 100% attendance and turning in every assignment
  • Engage a tutor
  • Regularly meet with your instructors
Continue to meet with CE advisors

Own Your Journey

Talk to an Advisor

Looking for help? CE has its own staff of advisors who can help you plan your next step.

Make an Appointment

Search Classes

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Review Classes

Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates for CE programs vary with course type and resident status--get your questions answered here.

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