Probation and Suspension

Students must maintain satisfactory academic performance and GPA standards established by colleges or the Division of Continuing Education to remain good academic standing. Failure to meet set requirements may result in academic probation or suspension.

Probation is an official warning that the student’s cumulative GPA is not meeting standards and the student is subject to suspension or dismissal. When a student is placed on suspension or dismissal, they are not allowed to enroll in CU Boulder main campus courses, but they can enroll in summer courses and Continuing Education courses. Probation, suspension, and readmission standards vary by school or college.

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For Arts and Sciences Students

Arts and Sciences students who are on dismissal from daytime courses and who enroll in Continuing Education courses will be required either to achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above or to maintain a minimum 2.5 term GPA. If the student fails to do so, the student will be dismissed from both College of Arts and Sciences and Continuing Education. This policy does NOT apply to students on academic probation. Students enrolled in self-paced online courses should contact a Continuing Education academic advisor for information regarding extensions.

For Engineering Students

CU cumulative and semester GPAs should all be at or greater than 2.250 to avoid being placed on academic recovery. Students on academic suspension from the College of Engineering and Applied Science may enroll in Continuing Education’s online term-based, online self-paced, and evening courses but may not exceed 16 total credit hours of course work in one semester. Students need to earn semester GPAs of at least 2.300 while enrolled in Continuing Education courses.

For Nondegree Students

Nondegree students who complete credit course work are subject to the Continuing Education probation and dismissal policies. Students who fail to maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA after completion of any semester will receive one semester of probation. During this semester the student may take evening, online, ACCESS, or Summer Session courses in an effort to reach a 2.0 GPA. If the student fails to receive a 2.0 GPA after the probationary semester, the student will be placed on suspension. While on suspension the student may take evening, online, or Summer Session courses only and must maintain a 2.5 term GPA or reach an overall cumulative of 2.0 in order to continue enrolling in courses at CU through Continuing Education. A student that fails to obtain a 2.5 term GPA or overall 2.0 GPA each semester while on suspension will be dismissed from the Continuing Education and will not be allowed to continue to take fall or spring Continuing Education courses for a minimum of five years. Enrollment in Summer Session or summer course work through evening and online carries no penalty, and students who achieve an overall GPA of 2.0 may return to taking courses during the fall and spring semesters. Student records are not reviewed for academic performance at the end of each summer term.

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