Grading System and Grade Appeal

Continuing Education follows the CU Boulder grading system which can be found in the University of Colorado catalog. Please note that faculty determine the grading policies for their courses.

You may take courses pass/fail. For all credit courses the deadlines for requesting pass/fail vary. To change the grade mode of an individual class, follow the instructions detailed under Grade Mode (Letter Grade or Pass/Fail). Be sure you have checked with your academic advisor to ensure that credit will be granted to you for courses taken pass/fail.

Grade Appeal

Grade disputes between students and individual faculty member are usually resolved in conversation between the student and faculty member. In those rare instances when a resolution cannot be reached, an appeals process provides a hearing for both student and faculty member.

The grade appeals process is determined by individual schools and colleges. Generally, the process is as follows:

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If you believe that a grade has been improperly assigned, the first step is to discuss the concern with the faculty member. If you or the faculty member is not on the Boulder campus, you may request a mutually convenient time to talk on the telephone. Conversations may be by email, but telephone is preferred. If your conversations with the faculty member do not resolve the problem:

1. You have the option of making a formal written appeal to the Department Chair. The appeal must specify the remedy desired by you and it must be submitted within 45 days of the end of the academic term in which the course was taken. For Online Flexible classes, the student will have 45 days after the grade is posted on the Student Information System to make an appeal.

2. The Chair or designee will meet or talk by telephone (together or separately) with you and with the faculty member who taught the course.

3. If a mutually acceptable solution is not agreed upon, then the Chair shall appoint an ad hoc Grade Appeals Committee, which will review the dispute. The Committee shall consist of at least three impartial faculty members competent in the subject matter of the course in question. The Committee will be provided with the student’s appeal and a written response from the faculty member.

4. Within 45 days, the Committee will submit a report and recommendation to the Chair, and the Chair will recommend to the instructor either that the originally assigned grade stand or that a new grade is assigned. If a change of grade is recommended and the instructor does not wish to accept the recommendation of his/her colleagues, the Chair shall forward the written materials associated with the appeal to the Dean of Continuing Education and the Dean of the College for final determination.

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