CSCI 4830 Special Topics in Computer Science

This is an intermediate level course for designing web sites and digital material which are not only accessible for persons with disabilities but also effective and usable across the spectrum of user abilities and backgrounds and the variety of device platforms. This course will review standards and guidelines for usability and accessibility, focusing on the concepts of Universal Design, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and accessibility best practices. As an intermediate level course students should be familiar with the basic concepts of web accessibility, such as the importance of structured and semantic web design. This course will cover the specific HTML markup, CSS and JavaScript for designing accessible sites.

Covers topics of interest in computer science at the senior undergraduate level. Content varies from semester to semester. Only 9 credit hours from CSCI 4830 and/or CSCI 4831 can count toward Computer Science BS or BA.

Sorry, this course is not currently offered.

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