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ATLS 4519 Advanced Special Topics in Technology, Arts, and Media: Implementing Accessibility in WordPress

Introduces students to the core principles of Web Accessibility and teaches them how to best implement these principles when developing a website using WordPress, a content management system. Covers web content accessibility guidelines, authoring tool accessibility guidelines, and an overview of universal design, in addition to a thorough education in working with and developing for WordPress, while showing students how a content management system can help or hinder their efforts towards accessibility. Resources and texts will be drawn from a mixture of accessible design sources and WordPress development resources. Topics to be covered include HTML standards, syntax semantics, assistive technology, WordPress theme development, and WordPress plug-in developments. May be repeated up to 9 total credit hours. Prereq., instructor consent. Recommended prereqs., ATLS 2000, ATLS 3010, and ATLS 3020. Same as ATLS 3519, 5519, and 6519.

Sorry, this course is not currently offered.

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