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WRTG 3040 Writing on Business and Society


Allison Carr Waechter



Course prerequisite: Most students take WRTG 1150, 1100, or 1250 before taking this course. This course assumes that you have done so and that you are informed about basic principles of rhetoric, rhetorical analysis and academic argumentation and research.

Course medium: This is an online course offered through the Online Credit program housed within the Division of Continuing Education. This is a “term-based” course meaning that it operates in the same way as an on-campus course in terms of due dates, weekly assignments and workload. This is not a self-paced course.

Course description and purpose: In this course, students will learn the basics of modern and traditional professional writing, as well as examining and analyzing business issues across fields. This course places a great deal of emphasis on understanding and mastering rhetorical strategies in real-life professional writing scenarios.


This course has three main goals:

  1. To give students a chance to master a professional writing “voice.” Students will be asked to own their words and to think about them in terms of representation, rather than simply expression. This takes into consideration the students’ experience with basic academic writing skills and pushes them to think of things like style, tone and voice as a part of their personal branding strategy.
  2. To prepare students for the compositional aspects of a modern job market. Students will come away from the course with a well-considered personal branding strategy and a polished application portfolio that will support their vision of themselves as new graduates and novice professionals.
  3. To further students’ understanding of academic research and translating those skills into ones they can use post-graduation to set themselves apart from their peers. Students will consider common issues across industries like perceptions of millennial workers and corporate social responsibility to hone their skills in making complex research and ideas understandable for a variety of audiences.


No Required Texts.


WordPress Classroom: Blog Posts 15%

WordPress Classroom: Comments 5%

Personal Branding Assignments: Personal Branding Brainstorm 5%

Personal Branding Assignments: Personal Website 25%

Personal Branding Assignments: Resume 5%

Personal Branding Assignments: Tailored Cover Letter 2.5%

Personal Branding Assignments: Base Cover Letter 2.5%

Personal Branding Assignments: LinkedIn Profile 5%

Personal Branding Assignments: Resume Presentation 10%

Organizational Branding Assignments: Project Pitch 5%

Organizational Branding Assignments: Slides 3%

Organizational Branding Assignments: Conference Call 2%

Organizational Branding Assignments: Website 2.5%

Organizational Branding Assignments: Social Media 2.5%

Organizational Branding: Individual Blog Posts 5%

Organizational Branding Assignments: Group Evaluation 5%

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