WRTG 3040 Writing on Business and Society: Topics in Writing


Allison Carr Waechter

Email: Allison.Carr@colorado.edu


3040 and Beyond works to prepare students for writing and composition both in their university life and beyond. If it’s time for you to begin preparing for an internship, or your career after college, this is the class for you. In this course, we’ll explore industries we’d like to work in, methods for finding careers that meet a variety of goals, and furthering your understanding of applying, as well as how to integrate professional development into any career path.

Along the way, we’ll advance our knowledge of digital literacy, research skills, and how to understand the ways a modern application process works. This class operates as an online writing workshop, and by the end of the semester you will have an application portfolio you’re proud of and you’ll have considered professional development from a variety of standpoints. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your career journey, whether you’re looking for internships, entry-level positions, or leveling up in an established career, 3040 and Beyond can help you understand more about yourself, your career path, and clarify what you want to do next.

Items of Note:

  • Students are not expected to share their own work in workshops unless they want to.
  • There are no full-class synchronous events required in this course.
  • I only use Zoom to conference with students, and this is optional, though recommended.

Course Prerequisites: WRTG 1150 or the equivalent


By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following:

Course Objective 1: Extend rhetorical knowledge

  • Identify best-practices of business writing principles
  • Recognize best-practices of business writing strategies
  • Reproduce methods for writing plainly and concisely
  • Outline best-practices for professional formatting and information design
  • Discuss how your experiences specifically apply to the material we are learning in each discussion.
  • Collaborate with and discuss best-practices for business writing with your peers.
  • Observe and learn from others’ perspectives on professional communication to allow deeper engagement with the topics at hand

Course Objective 2: Demonstrate comprehension of content knowledge at an advanced level

  • Practice common business writing formats and styles, implementing what you learned in the lectures for our previous Discussions
  • Identify and categorize your professional goals and personal values
  • Identify and interpret your professional strengths and weaknesses
  • Gather information about the industry you are interested in entering
  • Compare and contrast your experience/professional development with specific skills/experiences you will need to enter your chosen industry
  • Interpret how the research you’ve compiled about your industry applies to your current professional development status and how you should move forward
  • Estimate concrete ways in which you will need to take action to bridge the gap between the experience/skills you have and the ones you will need post-graduation to join the industry of your choice.

Course Objective 3: Extend mastery of writing conventions

  • Create traditional application materials that adhere to the standards you researched in your Professional Development Report
  • Employ best-practices for professional writing style and formatting
  • Modify traditional templates for application materials to suit the needs of the industry you are targeting, as well as your experience
  • Design traditional application materials that demonstrate your understanding of how professional design and formatting affect readability and usability
  • Assess any areas that may need further attention going forward, as keeping an application portfolio current is a continuous process
  • Tailor your application materials so they are individualized and tailored for each job you apply to.

Course Objective 4: Extend experience in writing processes

  • Design digital documents that represent your personal brand
  • Create professionally designed digital documents using accessible (and free) tools
  • Extend your knowledge of professional writing to include digital materials


No Required Texts


  • Canvas Discussions and Workshops: 25% of Final Course Grade
  • Professional Development Report: 25% of Final Course Grade
    • Includes: The Self-Assessment Tool Worksheet & Final Report
  • Traditional Application Materials Portfolio: 25% of Final Course Grade
    • Includes: Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile
  • Digital Literacy Portfolio: 25% of Final Course Grade
    • Includes: Slide Deck and Final Presentation

Revisions: Revisions are not required in this course, but they are highly-recommended aspects of the class. We devote two weeks at the end of the semester to revising and reflecting on our work in the course.

You are allowed to revise anything from the: Professional Development Report, Traditional Application Materials Portfolio, or the Digital Literacy Portfolio for an entirely new grade. Because Canvas Discussions and Workshops are graded on a pass/fail basis and are timely in nature, there are not opportunities to revise these for a better grade.

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