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WRTG 3030 Writing on Science and Society


Instructor:  Douglas Dupler, M.A.



Writing 3030: Writing on Science and Society is a second-level writing course that expands and refines students’ writing, critical thinking, and communication skills. Topics include science communication, rhetoric, argument, sustainability, and current scientific/technological/social issues. This course introduces, analyzes, and guides the making of texts in important genres of scientific and professional writing, and aims to prepare students for the writing situations and communication challenges that they will encounter as professionals and citizens.


This course satisfies upper-division core requirements in CU-Boulder schools and meets the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) “guaranteed transfer” goals for an advanced writing course:

  • Extend rhetorical knowledge. We write and read in various academic and professional genres, including proposals, reports, summaries, white papers, op-eds, emails, cover letters, resumes, websites, blogs, journal articles, book chapters, civic essays, journalism, documentaries, print and video advertisements, and professional correspondence such as memos.
  • Extend Experience in Writing Processes. With each assignment, we will practice writing as a doable series of actions that result in competently assembled deliverables.
  • Extend Mastery of Writing Conventions. We build on the understanding of writing issues explored in first-year writing classes, including further discussion of argument, persuasion, organization, language, syntax, and other conventions.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of content knowledge at the advanced level through effective communication strategies. Students write for a variety of situations in the professional world and learn to adapt content, style, and form, while critically addressing content and arguments appropriate to “writing on science and society.”


Articles are available through D2L in an online sourcebook that the instructor creates.


Cover letter and resume 15%
Science Communication Case Study (SCCS) 20%
Research Paper and Presentation 35%
Short Writing Assignments 15%
Online Discussion Threads 15%




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