WRTG 3030 Writing on Science and Society

Instructor Contact:

Doug Dupler


About the Course:

Writing 3030: Writing on Science and Society is an upper-division writing course that expands and refines students’ writing, critical thinking, and communication skills. This course guides students through the process of making effective texts in important genres of scientific and professional writing, and helps prepare students for the writing and communication challenges that they will encounter as professionals and citizens. Topics include writing studies, science communication, argument and persuasion, information literacy and research, sustainability, and current issues related to science and technology.


Completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Develop a process for completing projects in various science-writing formats
  • Better understand the role of communication in the production of scientific knowledge
  • Apply the theory and tools of rhetoric and critical thinking to improve science communication
  • Critically read, evaluate, apply, and synthesize evidence to support claims
  • Exhibit understanding of audience, purpose, and context in a writing situation
  • Utilize approaches to content creation, structure, organization, style, and visual presentation
  • Demonstrate proficiency with writing conventions and source citation systems
  • Assimilate and summarize written materials quickly and accurately
  • Work effectively with peers to create, compose, and edit professional-level documents
  • Apply knowledge of science and environmental ethics

Required Texts:

Course readings will be in an online sourcebook.

Grading (out of 100 points):

Cover letter and resume                                                                        15%

Science communication case study                                                         15%

Final research paper (literature review) and presentation                          35%

Short writing assignments, quizzes, reading responses                             20%

Online discussions                                                                                15%


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