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PSYC 2012 Biological Psychology 1

About the Course

Welcome to PSYC 2012! Your presence as a student in this course suggests that you are at least somewhat interested in the relationships between biology and behavior. We call this field Biological Psychology. There is a lot of biology in this course, and the material includes a fair amount of technical vocabulary. In fact, understanding the language of biological psychology will be perhaps the greatest challenge of this course.

The course examines specific human behaviors and describes what is currently known about them at a biological level. The psychology part has to do with the type of behaviors we will study. For example, what biological processes are responsible for human emotions? What is the biological basis of hunger? We will combine aspects of biology, psychology, and even chemistry in an attempt to understand these and other interesting issues.


The material in the syllabus is meant to complement the assigned reading. Each unit includes an Introduction, Study Objectives, a Commentary, and the Homework Assignment. The Introduction and Objectives are self-explanatory. The Commentary is meant as a “mini-lecture” that attempts to amplify and explain the important elements of the reading. In some cases there is material in the Commentary that is not discussed in the textbook.

Grade Breakdown

  • Unit Assignments (9×100=900pts)
  • Test #1 (200 pts)
  • Test #2 (200 pts)
  • Final Exam (200 pts)

Required Text

This course requires only one book, an introduction to the study of biological psychology. Please make sure you get the correct book. The book is Biological Psychology, 10th Edition, by James W. Kalat. This syllabus corresponds with the tenth edition of the text only. Earlier editions of the book are not compatible with this syllabus and cannot be used.

Instructor Contact

262.309.9895 (cell)
Between 10:00am and 10:00pm Central Time any day except holidays


I am from Orlando, FL and currently live outside of Milwaukee, WI. I have been teaching psychology, statistics, and research methods online for over 15 years. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado (1982) and did my undergraduate work at Georgia Tech and the University of Nebraska. I am an expert computer user and build and maintain my own computers. I spend much of my spare time directing for local community and professional theatre organizations. I like classic rock and a good steak!

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