MATH 1081 Calculus for Social Science and Business

About the Course

MATH 1081 is a thorough course designed for students majoring in economics, social sciences, business, etc… The prerequisites for this course include the mastering of the fundamentals and techniques of college algebra.

The students enrolled in this self-paced course will need to access Pearson’s MyMathLab online component for completing and delivering the assignments, including the tests. Each student is expected to complete the coursework within a period of six (6) months from the start of registration. Registration begins on a monthly basis and the student must access MyMathLab within that month in order to complete the coursework.

Grade Breakdown

A grade of A, B, C, D, or F will be assigned to your work at the end of the course. The grade will be based on the online homework assignments or Units submitted before or on the due date, a well as the three Exams, and the final-exam. Your Units average will account for 30%, the Exams will each account for 15%, and the final exam will account for 25% of your grade. All work must be completed on line following the oath of conduct that students will complete their work on their own without seeking outside help. It will be expected that your solutions are obtained independently from other students, and unless otherwise specified, without the use of a calculator or computer.

Required Text

Lial, Greenwell, and Ritchey, Finite Mathematics and Calculus with Applications, 9th edition, Pearson Education Inc. 2011
ISBN 0321749081

Instructor Contact


Wahab Baouchi is an experienced engineer/scientist who is involved with research and development of various high technology products from design to manufacturing including photonics, advanced optical materials, information technology, biomedical devices, and wafer fabrication for semiconductor applications. He is also a university instructor with many years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Physics with a 2003 Excellence in Teaching Award from Regis University.

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