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MATH 1011 College Algebra

Instructor Contact:

Trevor Jack


Instructor Bio:

I am a graduate student in the Math department here at CU-Boulder. This will be my 15th semester teaching college math. I have a deep interest in math education, so feel free to ask about why we learn what we do or why we use certain methods. My mathematical research interests are in fractal analysis and you are welcome to ask me about this as well.

About the Course:

Covers simplifying algebraic expressions, factoring linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, exponentials, logarithms, functions, graphs, and systems of equations. Credit not granted for this course and MATH 1005, MATH 1150, or APPM 1235. Prereq., ine year high school algebra. Meets MAPS requirements for mathematics. Approved for arts and science core curriculum: quantitative reasoning and mathematical skills.


This course is meant to cover and give practice in most of the algebra skills one may need for further classes or for job preparation. The hope is that this course will help you understand a variety of topics.

In particular, to earn a passing grade in this course you should be able to define, identify, explain the purpose of, and use each of the methods and topics covered in this course.

To earn an A in this course, you should also be able to evaluate why certain methods are used in specific problems and explain why these are the best methods that we could use.

Required Text:

  • “College Algebra”, 3rdd Edition, by Kirk Trigsted, ISBN-10: 0321749022, ISBN-13: 9780321749024.

This book is completely online. You will need to purchase a MyMathLab account to access the book and the online homework, which accompanies the book on


The grade distribution will be calculated based on the following weighting:

MyMathLab Homework 40%
Quizzes 30%
Midterm Exam 10%
Final Exam 20%

Official grades are posted to D2L. MyMathLab will not accurately represent your grade.

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