MATH 1011 College Algebra

Instructor Contact:

Name: Delphy Shaulis, Ph.D.


About the Course:

  • This is a fully online course that covers simplifying algebraic expressions, factoring, linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, exponentials, logarithms, functions, graphs and systems of equations. The prerequisite is one year of high school algebra.
  • The course material is broken up into weekly modules. Because many of the skills in this course build on earlier sections, it is beneficial to complete each section in sequential order. As with a typical 3-credit course, a learner should expect to spend an average of 12-14 hours per week working through the material in order to successfully complete the course.

Course Prerequisites: One year of high school algebra


By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Simplify and evaluate numeric and algebraic expressions.
  • Solve equations, inequalities, and their applications.
  • Create and analyze the graphs of lines and circles.
  • Evaluate and describe the characteristics of a function.
  • Analyze polynomial and rational functions.
  • Analyze exponential and logarithmic functions.
  • Solve systems of linear equations.

Required Texts:


Grading :

Your course grade will be computed from:

  • 30% = Problem Sets
  • 10% = Discussions
  • 20% = Worksheets
  • 20% = Midterm Exam
  • 20% = Final Exam

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