MATH 1011 College Algebra

Instructor Contact:

Delphy Shaulis, Ph.D.


Instructor Bio:

I am a graduate student in the Math department here at CU-Boulder. This will be my 15th semester teaching college math. I have a deep interest in math education, so feel free to ask about why we learn what we do or why we use certain methods. My mathematical research interests are in fractal analysis and you are welcome to ask me about this as well.

About the Course:

Problem Sets: Homework is usually assigned 3 times a week in MyMathLab. The due dates are shown with each assignment. The assignment title is the section of the book that it covers. Though not an explicitly graded part of each assignment, reading the unit in the text and watching videos and animations on MyMathLab are implicitly required to help you understand the material. You may attempt questions on the homework as many times as you wish, and MyMathLab gives you immediate feedback on each question. Unless you have documentation of a circumstance that the instructor deems beyond your control and has prevented you from completing an assignment during the one-week availability window, no extensions to the due dates will be granted. However, the lowest six scores will be dropped.

  • MyMathLab Course ID: shaulis84985

Worksheets: There will be 6 worksheet assignments required in this class. Each worksheet will consist of problems, some conceptual and some computational, for which you must provide clear and complete work arriving at a correct solution to receive full credit. Correct answers with insucient or illegible work may receive no credit. These worksheets will be administered through the D2L Dropbox feature. You will need to print or download the worksheet, write or electronically enter your solutions with complete work, and then return the worksheet via the D2L Dropbox as a single PDF. If you are uncertain how to create such a PDF, make sure to nd a solution before the rst worksheet is due. Worksheets in any format other than PDF submitted anywhere other than the D2L Dropbox will not be accepted for grading. Unless you have documentation of a circumstance that the instructor deems beyond your control and has prevented you from completing a worksheet during the one-week availability window, no extensions to the due dates will be granted. However, the lowest score will be dropped.

Exams: There will be two exams, a midterm exam and a nal exam. Both exams will administered in MyMathLab, in a format similar to regular problem sets, however, there will be a cumulative time limit during which you may have the exam open, and only one attempt at each problem will be graded. Late exams will not be accepted.

  • Midterm Exam
    • Available Friday, October 20 and Due Wednesday, October 25
  • Final Exam
    • Available Monday, December 11 and Due Friday, December 15

Required Text:

  •  College Algebra, 3rd Edition by TrigstedISBN 9780321923745.

    The book is completely online. The purchase of a MyMathLab access code is required and the ebook text is provided with that access.


The ocial gradebook for this course will be in D2L. Your course grade will be computed from:

Problem Sets 40%
Worksheets 20%
Midterm Exam 20%
Final Exam 20%

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