IPHY 3700 Scientific Writing in Integrative Physiology

Instructor Contact:

Marie Boyko

Email: boyko@colorado.edu

About the Course:

Takes a process-based approach to writing. Activities and assignments and classroom experiences emphasize critical thinking, using scientific evidence and reasoning to construct original arguments, and applying conventions and problem-solving skills to craft successful documents. Department enforced requisite: IPHY 2800 or equivalent. Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: written communication.


In this course you will develop your skills in the main areas listed below. See more detail about the specific learning goals on the course website.

  1. Analyze and improve your own writing process.
  2. Find out what has been published on a scientific topic, issue, or argument, and get copies of sources.
  3. Read scientific research articles to understand scientific questions and evidence. Synthesize the information from multiple articles.
  4. Build strong arguments by analyzing research data.
  5. Create documents (text and graphics) that accomplish your communication goals and reach your target readers.
  6. Analyze drafts and express comments professionally.

Required Texts:

  • No required text

Course Grading:

  • 45% – Final Papers
  • 35% – Supporting Assignments and Quizzes
  • 13% – Class Conversations
  • 7% – Reflective ROOLs
  • A = 93-100%
  • A- = 90-92%
  • B+ = 87-89%
  • B = 83-86%
  • B- = 80-82
  • etc.

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8:00am to 5:00pm


We are located at the corner of University Avenue and 15th Street in a white brick building.


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