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IPHY 2420 Nutrition for Health and Performance

Instructor Contact:

Shannon Seal, MS, RD


About the Course:

IPHY 2420 focuses on the basic anatomy, physiology, and chemistry of nutrition. Topics include weight management, the role of diet and lifestyle in disease prevention, specific nutrient deficiencies and toxicities, nutrition standards and guidelines, sports nutrition recommendations, agricultural practices, and food policy issues. IPHY juniors or seniors are excluded from taking this course. Credit not granted for both IPHY 2420 and 3420. IPHY 2420 is approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: natural science.

Required Texts:

Textbook (required): Wardlaw, Smith, Lindeman. Contemporary Nutrition: A Functional Approach, 4th ed, MCGraw Hill, 2014. ISBN: 978-0078021398


  • Exam 1 – 100 pts
  • Exam 2 – 100 pts
  • Exam 3 – 100 pts
  • Discussion Assignments (DA) (2) – 30/20 pts (50 pts total)
  • Homework Assignments (2) – 25 pts each (50 pts total)
  • MyHealth Project (3 sections) – 25 pts each (75 pts total)
  • Total – 475 pts possible

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