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GREK 1013 Beginning Classical Greek 1; Section 581

Instructor Contact:

Ian Oliver

About the Course:

For students with no previous knowledge of ancient Greek. Introduces basic grammar and vocabulary.


  • Explain and demonstrate a basic understanding of the grammatical structure of the Greek language.
  • Read and recognize basic ancient Greek vocabulary.
  • Appreciate ancient Greek culture, literature, and history as learned through study of the language.
  • Read aloud, write, and translate simple paragraphs in ancient Greek.

Required Texts:

Anne H. Groton, From Alpha to Omega: A Beginning Course in Classical Greek, Fourth Edition, Focus Publishing, 2012.

Recommended Texts:
From Alpha to Omega: Ancillary Exercises, Jon Bruss, Focus Publishing, 2001.

– Extra practice exercises for the student, along with a helpful answer key.

Greek Paradigm Handbook: Reference Guide and Memorization Tool. Focus Publishing, 2008.

– A handy pocket guide of Greek forms, with charts and tables for easy reference


  •  Daily Quizzes (18 out of 25): 25%
  •  Weekly tests (4): 30%
  •  Assignments: 15%
  •  Participation: 15%
  •  Final Exam: 15%