GEOG 2412 Environment and Culture

About the Course

This course examines nature-culture interactions and the effects of development and resource use on environmental quality, as well as practical efforts to manage and protect the environment.

The interaction between humans and the natural environment has long been an important theme in the field of geography. What is (or what ought to be) the relationship between humans and the natural world? This is a profound question, and one that cannot be answered in the short span of this course. However, my hope is that you will gain an understanding of the scientific concepts and social situations that underlie contemporary environmental issues. That way, you can better evaluate and analyze the issues for yourself.

This course has no prerequisites and meets MAPS requirement for social science: geography.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • identify and explain scientific concepts, ethical values, and political processes that underlie environmental issues
  • identify and evaluate information sources relevant to environmental issues
  • critically evaluate alternative points of view on environmental issues

Grade Breakdown

15% – LearnSmart Homework
20% – Quick Checks
10% – Weekly Discussions
30% – Exams
25% – Debate Discussions

Required Text

Principles of Environmental Science (7th Edition) by Cunningham, W.P. and Cunningham, M. A. with ConnectPlus® access code.

This is an online textbook. You can buy access card from the McGraw-Hill website. Go to the above URL to go to this class’ log in page; follow the register/login instructions. Be sure to choose ConnectPlus® in order to gain eBook acces.

Instructor Contact


Bronwen S. Owen Haugland received a PhD in Geography from the University of Colorado Boulder (2005), specializing in biogeography, soils, and quantitative analysis. Her dissertation research investigated the effects of acid deposition to forests and meadows in Sweden. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Natural Resource Planning from Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA (1996). She received her Master’s (MA) in Geography from Portland State University in Portland, OR (1999).

“Dr. O” has been teaching since 2003. In addition to teaching online geography courses at the University of Colorado, she is a tenured professor of physical geography and environmental sciences at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, NV, and is a licensed ZUMBA® fitness instructor. She enjoys traveling with her family.

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