GEOG 1972 Environment-Society Geography

Instructor Contact:

Phurwa Gurung, GPTI


About the Course:

This course is designed as ….

Examines interactions between humans and the environmental across the globe from a geographical perspective. Introduces different analytical perspectives through which to interpret environment-society relationships, with a focus on social, cultural and political-economic dimensions, and examples from different natural resource sectors (e.g. water, forests, the outdoor) and countries. Formerly GEOG 2412. Meets MAPS requirement for social science: geography.

Course Prerequisites: No prerequisites

Proctoring (if applicable): N/A


By the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Critically appraise twelve analytical approaches commonly used to investigate relations between humans and the “natural” environment.
  2. Explain the assumptions, merits, and limitations of each approach and apply them to understand the social history of several objects of concern.
  3. Gain a robust toolkit to critically interpret and engage in pressing environmental problems including anthropogenic climate change, deforestation, (un)natural disasters and biodiversity conservation.

Required Texts:

Robbins, P., Hintz, J., and Moore, S. (2014) Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction. 2nd Ed., Wiley Blackwell.

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