ENGL 1260 Introduction to Women’s Literature

Instructor Contact:

Dr. Rebecca Schneider (she/her)

Email: rebecca.schneider@colorado.edu

About the Course:

This section of ENGL 1260: Introduction to Women’s literature, introduces short novels, a play, poetry, and essays that examine subjects’ personal and collective autonomy in opposition to contemporary beliefs about gender, race, and class. Our readings – including texts written by a British spy, the first Black womxn published in the U.S., a Jamaican sociologist, a Mojave Indigenous American, and a queer CU poet – cover issues that remain relevant from the 17th to 21st centuries, such as civil rights, government corruption, free speech, and social activism.


Students who actively participate in the work of the course, and who read carefully and closely, will have the ability to do the following by the end of the semester:

  • Comprehend basics like what actions are happening to whom or what in course texts
  • Intuit or deduce the possible implications of the events in course texts
  • Synthesize personal experience and knowledge of the world with ideas in course texts
  • Analyze a text’s implications to identify the stakes of the narrative
  • Identify/evaluate gaps in existing knowledge about topics introduced in course texts

Required Texts:

Behn, Aphra. Oroonoko and Other Writings. ISBN 978-0199538768

Brodber, Erna. Myal. ISBN 978-1478623223

Diaz, Natalie. When My Brother Was an Aztec. ISBN 978-1556593833

McMillan Cottom, Tressie. Thick. ISBN 978-1620974360

Wheatley, Phillis. Complete Writings. ISBN 978-0140424300

Wollstonecraft, Mary. Vindication of the Rights of Woman ISBN 978-1844674466

And various PDFs and links made available on the course Canvas page

Grading (out of 500 points):

Reading quizzes, discussion prompts, and other weekly assignments make up 50% of the overall grade. A group multimedia digital exhibit (grades will be assessed on individual work) makes up 30% of the overall grade. A literary analysis essay makes up the remaining 20%.

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