EDUC 4161 Children’s Literature


Dr. Phyllis Kennemer



Note: EDUC 4161 does NOT count toward Elementary Education [BA or education minor] program credit requirements.

This course involves students in reading and evaluating children’s books and resources as they prepare to use these materials effectively with children. It addresses the major genres and formats of literature and introduces students to authors and illustrators of quality books.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define the major genres in children’s literature and identify specific titles for each.
  • Evaluate books for children using appropriate criteria.
  • Select books for specific grade levels, curriculum needs, and student interests
  • Integrate literature into learning activities.
  • Use appropriate websites and internet resources to locate award-winning books and materials related to specific topics.


Children’s Literature, Briefly, Sixth Edition, by Michael O. Tunnell and others.

Pearson, 2016

ISBN: 978-0-13-384655-3

Assignments will also require the reading of children’s books. It is not necessary to buy these books. They can be checked out from public or school libraries. There are generally several choices of titles for each assignment, so there is some flexibility enabling students better access to books of their choice and books that are readily available at libraries they are using.


Responses to Discussion Topics: 10 points per topic (5 points for the original response and 5 points for the follow up response. Total possible: 70 points

Written Essays: 20 points per essay. Total possible: 80 points

Project: 50 points. Total possible 50 points

Total Number of Possible Points: 200 points


190 – 200 points = A

180 – 189 points = A-

170 – 179 points = B+

160 – 169 points = B

150 – 159 points = B-

140 – 149 points = C+

130 – 139 points = C

120 – 129 points = C-

110 – 119 points = D

Below 110 points = F


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