EDUC 3621 Art for the Elementary Teacher

About the Course

This class is designed to introduce the important concepts of art in the elementary classroom. Topics to be covered will include creativity, the basics of Discipline Based Art Education and Qualitative art education, uses of different media, developmental levels, lesson plans, and methods of evaluation. There will be written as well as hands on art assignments in a variety of art media. The art assignments will enable you to become familiar with artistic possibilities for the classroom.


  • To familiarize you with the various basic concepts needed to plan and carry out an art education program in the elementary classroom.
  • To enable you to analyze and discuss the current issues in art education such as DBAE.
  • To give you experiences in creating and doing art lessons for the classroom so that you can effectively teach your students creativity and art production.
  • To increase your sensitivity and awareness of the place for art in the elementary curriculum.
  • To increase oral and visual artistic vocabulary.

Grade Breakdown

In evaluating the art assignments, you are not expected necessarily to be an accomplished artist. However, you will be expected to (1) investigate the art media to its fullest potential (2) to take time and care in the craftsmanship of the assignment you hand in and (3) to create original (plagiarism can be a problem in art work just as it can be in written work) and adult level art assignment. The grading of artwork may often seem subjective, and to some degree it is. However, after many years of looking at artwork sent in for this course, there is a definite difference between the earnest beginner who is putting time and energy in the creation of an art activity and the person who is not. This course is like many things in life, you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. If you become truly involved in the process of learning about art education and spend time and energy on the assignments, you will learn a variety of ways to empower yourself and your students in the art classroom.

Required Text

Wachowiak, Frank and Robert Clements. Emphasis Art 9th edition. New York: Longman Publishers, 2010. ISBN 978-0-13-714582-9

Instructor Contact

Ms. Patricia Cheyne is a Professor at Pacific University teaching drawing, design, papermaking, artist books, letterpress, and printmaking. Patricia received a BFA from the University of Hartford, a M.A.L.S. from Wesleyan University, and a MFA from the University of Colorado. The areas of concentration of her studies were drawing, printmaking, and women’s studies. She has taught at all levels of education from preschool through university. Patricia has an extensive exhibit record. She has shown her work nationally and internationally. Patricia says of her art “My art is a mix of landscapes, soulscapes, and mythscapes.”


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