ARTS 1012 Drawing for Non-Majors

Instructor Contact:

Judd Schiffman


About the Course:

Drawing is one of the oldest forms of art and the foundation of any artist’s studio practice. Learning how to draw inspires a new way of thinking, seeing and communicating. As students develop techniques to articulate ideas, emotions, and physical space, a new way of understanding the world can be developed.

The aim of “Experiments in Drawing” is to introduce new tools and methods of art making to the student. Experimentation is encouraged so that the student may explore contemporary definitions, approaches, and concepts of drawing and creating. The focus will be on developing a consistent drawing/art practice in order to establish a personal voice.

As an online class, we will be approaching drawing through the lens of technology by using discussion threads as the classroom and a variety of digital drawing applications as the medium. The relationship of creativity and technology will be an integral part of the subject matter and assignments.


Throughout this course you will learn to:

  • use a variety of digital drawing applications and traditional drawing methods
    Assignments can be completed on paper, digitally or in combination
  • develop observational skills and a consistent drawing practice
    Focus is on taking in information and reflecting on it through drawing
  • describe ideas, thoughts and emotions in a visual language
    Personal maps and visual essay
  • analyze and examine images online and in your immediate surroundings
    Movie stills, , and short story illustration
  • experiment with different ways of creating a drawing
    Reading and reflecting on the book, the Principles of Uncertainty, by Maira Kalman
  • valuate your own work and the work of your peers through critical analysis

Required Texts:

  • Kalman, Maira, The Principles of Uncertainty.

Grading Criteria:

  • 30 Points – 1 Quiz
  • 250 Points – 11 Discussions
  • 250 Points – 5 Exercises
  • 600 Points – 6 Projects

1130 Total Points

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